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Iraaloom sells only sustainable products, aiming to be India’s first-ever and largest responsible e-commerce platform to represent sustainable brands. We mainly work in the field of handicrafts and handlooms. When we started in 2019, our mission was to provide support to the small-medium clusters and also the artisan communities to handle the supply chain.

Vocal for Local

Iraaloom, the online lifestyle brand produces high-quality, handcrafted goods that have creativity, functionality, and skilled craftsmanship. The beautifully handmade products for him/her have a unique and honest feel to them and with the traditional and creative touch, the range of handbags, décor items, gifts, and baskets will make your day.
Vocal for Local
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What we offer

We are focusing on using more sustainable materials like cotton, jute, bamboo, coconut shell, water hyacinth, and recycled paper in our products. Most of the products are reusable are biodegradable. Our mission is to reduce the total carbon footprint by an average of 70% per product
What we offer
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What our customers are saying
We appreciate the variety of options, as well as the sustainable, high-quality products and service provided by Iraaloom- Rony P John ,WISE-IIITMK,DUK
I knew Iraloom from the beginning stage of their journey.They provide high-quality and long-lasting sustainable products- Vignesh,Project Manager, KSUM
We are very satisfied with the product and services of iraaloom. Highly recommended innovative and sustainable products.- Tony Thomas, UNDP
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